Lincoln's Washington Introduction

I have been very busy recently and one of the projects I'm most excited to unveil is a project titled "Lincoln's Washington." The project is to present DC to you through Lincoln's eyes. Before we get to the unveiling of the fine art prints that make up this projects, I'd like to start with a teaser about "Lincoln's Washington."

The Lincoln Memorial is my favorite monument in Washington, DC. That's not to discount the many memorials in the national mall that commemorate the sacrifices of soldiers who fought for America's freedom- the Lincoln Memorial just happens to be one of the most iconic symbols of Washington, DC. I am fascinated by the intricate details and embellishments on the exterior of the marble structure and feel empowered reading the words of his second inaugural address etched into these historic walls. Every time I visit the site I learn something new - for instance, did you know that the 36 columns in the memorial symbolize the number of states in the union at the time of Lincoln's assassination or that the spot where Martin Luther King Jr stood do deliver his "I have a dream" speech is marked with a subtle engraving? 

Construction on the Lincoln Memorial started in 1912 and was completed by 1922 when President Warren Harding dedicated the memorial. Since 1922, Lincoln has sat in his stone chair at the foot of Washington, DC and has presided over some of our most important history.

  • Lincoln was sitting there during World War II as the US fought against fascism and genocide.
  • Lincoln sat there as Martin Luther King Jr told us about his dream for equality and civil rights for all Americans.
  • Lincoln sat there through the Cuban Missile Crisis and watched as we teetered on the edge of nuclear war.
  • Lincoln saw the first man land on the moon
  • Lincoln watched as we were attacked on September 11th, starting the global war on terrorism.
  • Lincoln has watched 15 different men take the oath of office and assume the role of President of the United States. Next January he will once again watch as that oath is administered.
  • Lincoln has watched the fashions, music and pop culture in the United States evolve
  • And Lincoln has watched Washington, DC transform and grow since 1922 and will continue to watch over Washington, DC, our President's, our politicians, and our nation for years to come.

Lincoln's perspective on American history is unmatched and his memorial has become one of the most iconic figures of our nation. For that reason, I want to dedicate a project to capturing Washington, DC as Lincoln has seen it from his memorial. 

To get you excited, here is a teaser photograph of the memorial. This print isn't part of my "Lincoln's Washington" project but is one I am particularly fond of - notice the details you probably overlooked in your visit to this memorial. We all focus on the statue of Lincoln himself, but have you ever noticed the detail in the ceiling? Have you ever walked around and watched all the people who are standing there admiring Lincoln? This photograph is one of my favorites because of how it captures the details we tend to miss when we just look at Lincoln head on.

The first unveiling of prints from the "Lincoln's Washington" collection will be coming soon, so stay tuned to my blog and Facebook for more!