Summer Stroll in the Monuments

Last weekend the weather in DC, which has been brutally hot, finally broke for a day of walking around the monuments. The relatively cool weather also brought out all the tourists, which made photo opportunities a little interesting!

I am still getting used to shooting with the D800 and this was my first good opportunity to put it through it's paces. The D800 is a beauty to shoot with - but I'll save the details of that for another post!

We (my fiancee was kind enough to join me and carry the camera bag) walked through the National Mall including the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and Washington Monument. Here are a few shots:

Shot with the 14-24mm wide angle - Vietnam War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Next time I go into DC I'm planning a night shoot to capture the dramatic lighting on the monuments. I'll have to plan it for the wee hours of the morning to minimize tourists in the shots!

What's the next adventure? I am scheduled to do a shoot at the historic Trans-Alleghany Insane Asylum in West Virginia. Stay Tuned!