Quick Shot: Isolated

I am always looking for the opportunity to take a photograph that is so generic that it could have been taken anywhere, but so interesting that you stop and wonder how it was taken. I think this is one of those photographs. 

A tree on a grassy field is the kind of thing we've all seen hundreds of times. It's simple. It's clean. There's no fluff. But to make a photograph of a tree in a grassy field interesting, you have to do something different. 

This photograph intrigues me because of the low sun, which casts a long shadow from the tree and how the light sun warms the scene. While the lighting is intriguing, it's the the angle this image was taken at that really captures my attention. 

But I didn't use a ladder to get this photo!

Conveniently, there was a taller hill where I could position myself and shoot down on the tree. As the sun was setting, I noticed the lighting on the tree suddenly transformed the scene below me from mediocre to spectacular and shot away. Moments later, the sun dipped below the tree line and the show was over. 

Tree WEB.jpg