Quick Shot: Tropical Lily

The beginning of July marks two big events for me - the 4th of July and water lily season! It also marks the muggiest and most humid part of the year, so my quest for a few great shots of these lilies tends to end with a sweaty shirt! 

Normally I spend the 4th of July weekend at the aquatic gardens around DC, but I decided to take a day trip to Longwood Gardens to see their lily display. I've never photographed the Longwood Gardens lilies and high hopes for some great color and well maintained flowers. 

They did not disappoint! There were hundreds of lilies and a zillion different colors. The variety was far better than what I'd get at any of the natural aquatic gardens around DC, but I did miss the wild and untamed flowers of DC. 

I shot with both the 105mm macro and Nikon 80-400mm lens but found the 80-400 gave great results at the distances I was working. Today's Quick Shot was taken at 400mm and used a Nikon SB-700 speedlight for even color. As usual, I shot with the D800 and did my editing in Adobe Photoshop. 

_DSC1974 copy.jpg