Quick Shot: Fawn

When I am out photographing birds, I tend to have my eyes up in the trees or scanning the sky. I was walking through Pickering Creek, MD with my eyes on the sky when I heard a sudden sound and my peripheral vision noticed something large moving on the ground.

It was a deer fawn, just a few weeks old. He'd ventured into the marshland to enjoy some of the tall grasses and I'd surprised him as I strolled down the path.  

I brought the camera up and took a few shots of him chewing before he decided he didn't want to be around me. With wobbly legs, he bounded back into the forest. 

The entire interaction lasted less than 10 seconds and is one of many reasons I ALWAYS carry my camera at the ready (camera on, flash on, settings dialed in, lens cap off). If I wasn't ready, there's no doubt that I wouldn't have gotten the shot. 

Nikon D800 with NIkon 80-400mm lens and SB-600 flash. 

_DSC4147 copy.jpg