Quick Shot: Hummingbird

I've been working with remote cameras alot in the past few weeks to get some photos of my local hummingbird, but he has been largely outsmarting my efforts. 

I setup several feeders in the yard but then take down all but the one I want him to feed at when I'm shooting. The camera is setup on a tripod and remotely controlled from inside, but that means I have no ability to adjust the photograph when my subject arrives. 

The results have been largely uninspiring. While I have many photographs of him, none are "the image" that I'm wanting. For instance, I want to catch him in nice sunlight to bring out his full colors, but he always seems to come when a cloud is overhead.  

I did manage to get this shot, which wasn't at all what I was going for, but turned out to be a lucky snag anyway. I cropped it tight because I wanted to focus on his eyes and bill - these birds are so small that those details already tend to be lost in most photographs. 

Hopefully my efforts to photograph this hummingbird will pay off soon. I'm debating if giving my hummingbird friend a name would help my luck. Any suggestions? 

_DSC2873 copy.jpg