Quick Shot: Accidental Ceiling

I had an accidental M.C. Escher moment when I took this photograph - I saw this ceiling and was drawn to the variety of domes and shapes. The Escher effect was certainly amplified by converting it into Black and White. Now it has that look of so many of Escher's drawings.... you just aren't sure which was is up, but your eye is captivated by the shapes and geometry.

I say this was an accidental Escher moment because I didn't realize I had taken this photograph! The church we were in didn't permit photography of any type, so I was putting the D800 away while sitting on a bench in the center of the dome. Apparently in the process of stowing the camera, I hit the shutter once, which isn't uncommon since I usually walk around with the camera in the on position and without a lens cap so it's ready at a seconds notice. The photograph was actually cropped because you can see the top of my head in the original. 

Now I certainly don't recommend taking photos someplace where you are requested not to, but accidents do happen, and this one worked out well.... especially since I normally get shots of my feet accidentally.  So my apologies to the church, but I couldn't resist using such a neat looking accident! However, if I sell any of these prints, I'll give a portion of the proceeds to the church as compensation for my accident.