Quick Shot: Greek Coast I

I visited Greece about 10 years ago with my parents, and one of the most memorable things was in the coastal resort city of Mykonos. There are houses and buildings on the edge of the water there.... I literally mean the EDGE of the water. There is no sidewalk, no lawn, no beach separating these buildings from the crashing waves. I remember thinking "that must be a real pain to maintain!"

My recent trip through Greece would take me back to that same spot in Mykonos, and I knew I wanted to take several shots capturing the beautiful coastline. The first image of the Greek Coast that I'll share is this one, which captures the nature of the waves on the coastline. I shot this using the super wide angle Nikon 14-24mm lens and used a special filter (called a neutral density filter) to allow me to slow down the capture so that I could get the blurring from the waves crashing. 

The final image captures all the things that made an impression on me a decade ago ..... the rocks, waves and buildings that are along the coast. There is a sort of harshness yet tranquility to the whole thing that I absolutely love.