Quick Shot: Frozen Run

With much of the eastern United States covered in snow (including close to 7 inches at my house), it seems like a good time to pull out this quick shot of Difficult Run partially frozen. I took this a few weeks ago after cold temperatures and snow previously blanketed northern Virginia.

My first ever trip to Difficult Run left me with one of my favorite pictures from 2013, so I figured I should start 2014 with another visit to the site. This time, I was interested in shooting the scene with the ice and snow covering the rocks and falls.

This photograph was taken early in the morning, which is why I was able to get that soft yellow light on the rocks. I think the photograph has an interesting contrast of soft colors and features with harsh shapes and dark tones. 

Taken with my Nikon D800, Nikon 14-24mm lens, and WonderPana ND filter kit.

Frozen Difficult Run Falls WEB.jpg