Quick Shot: Aerial Train Tunnel

One of my favorite places to photograph in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is the picturesque train tunnel and bridge that connects the railroad in Maryland to West Virginia. The mouth of the tunnel a place I've photographed previously and knew I wanted to try and shoot during my recent visit when I had my DJI Phantom Vision 2+ quadcopter in tow.

Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to predict when trains are going to come through Harpers Ferry - I've had days when it seemed like they came every 10 minutes and other days when it feels like they never come through. So although it would be wonderful to catch a train on the bridge during one of the flights, I had no expectations of actually getting lucky. About 15 minutes into my second flight, as I was coming in to land, I heard the rumble and horn of an approaching train. With barely any time to spare, I quickly moved the copter into view of the tunnel to capture some aerial photos and videos of the train as it emerged.