Quick Shot: Calm Before the Storm

NOTE (July 2014): These photos were taken BEFORE the US National Parks System instituted a ban on all drone photography in the parks. Please follow the laws!

As you have probably noticed, I've been spending a lot of time lately working with my new DJI Phantom Vision 2+ aerial quad copter! Yesterday, before a huge battery of thunderstorms hit the Washington, DC area, I headed out to Manassas Battlefield to try some more aerial photographs.

Although the weather was very nice when we arrived, by the end of my second flight the clouds had moved in, creating a foreboding sky in the distance. I used that to my advantage and moved the drone into a position where I could shoot down on a row of canons while allowing the sky and sun peaking through the clouds to create the drama in the scene. The final image was shot at about 30 feet in altitude - while not terribly high, it is still a vantage point inaccessible to me without the use of the aerial copter.

What do you think?