Quick Shot: Front Line

NOTE (July 2014): These photos were taken BEFORE the US National Parks System instituted a ban on all drone photography in the parks. Please follow the laws!

Today marks the anniversary of the Allied invasion on the beaches of Normandy in what has become known as "D-Day." I haven't had the chance to visit the beaches of Normandy myself, but I did want to commemorate the anniversary by sharing a photograph of another front line where American forces fought and died.

This photograph was taken at the Manassas Battlefields, where thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers clashed during the Civil War. I photographed the wooden fence from above using the DJI Phantom Vision 2+ aerial drone but decided to convert the photograph to black and white to create a harsh contrast between the fence and heavy clouds above. I think the end result is a photograph with a lot of drama but that subtly tells the story of the front lines of war.