Quick Shot: Great St. Mary's Church

I suppose many of you were surprised when my first Quick Shot after my arrival in the United Kingdom was a bunch of airplanes - so today I'll offer you a quintessential British subject! 

This photograph was taken inside the Great St. Mary's Church in downtown Cambridge. Photographing inside of churches is always a bit tricky - it's normally fairly dark and I don't want to setup a tripod in the middle of a church. To get this shot, I shot in Aperture Priority with f/9 selected to give a sharp image and nice depth of field. I then raised the ISO until I got a shutter speed that I could easily hand hold and still have a sharp image, which I know for me is anything faster than 1/60th of a second. A single click while standing centered on the alter and voila!

This certainly won't be the most historic or ornate church that I'll have a chance to photograph, but it was my first and it'll be memorable as a result. And hopefully I've quenched your thirst for a more traditional British Quick Shot!

Inside the Great St. Mary's Church in Cambridge, United Kingdom