Quick Shot: LT-6 Revisited

The past week has been busy with entertaining movers as we prepare for our journey to the UK (we leave Monday!) and while they pack and inventory our goods, I've had some free time to work on editing some photos. I wanted to revisit some of my past edits and photo shoots to go back to some of those images I marked as "want to use, but don't have the time to edit yet."

This shot of the LT-6 at the Commemorative Air Wing Dixie Wing outside Atlanta, Georgia, is one of those photos. I edited it previously, but this new version really accentuates the details in the metal riveting and still shows the aircraft behind the LT-6. Photographed like this, you can see a collection of aircraft from World War II and Vietnam, including Japanese and US aircraft, spread along the tarmac on a static display.

What do you think of the revisited LT-6?