Quick Shot: Bridge of Sighs

No, I didn't loose my camera or fall off a cliff... I just haven't had internet access since we moved out of our temporary accommodations and into our permanent UK residence, which makes it challenging to post a quick shot. But since I missed you, I have crammed myself into the one corner of this house that has access to a free wifi hot spot so I can share this photograph of the Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge.

The Bridge of Sighs is part of the St. John's College and crosses the River Cam in downtown Cambridge. It got it's name for the sighs that students would give as they crossed from dorms into the exam rooms on the other side of the bridge.

I got this photograph while we were punting on the river..... a punt being the name of the boat available for hire on the river. I'm sitting in the same kind of boat you can see in the photograph and took the picture looking up at the bridge before we passed underneath. Thankfully our punt driver was kind enough to give me a good angle and it wasn't too crowded in the waterway.

Punting on a beautiful day in Cambridge allowed me to get this dramatic photograph of the Bridge of Sighs.