Quick Shot: Geometry

One of my favorite subjects in school was math, despite the fact that I wasn't particularly good at it! My love for math started in geometry class - I thought geometry was a puzzle just waiting to be solved and I love puzzles. 

Eyeing my negatives from Belgium, one theme was prevalent - interesting geometry. There is so much fascinating architecture and activity in Belgium to photograph and, when shot in black and white, the lines and shapes are even more exciting. To illustrate the geometry of Belgium, I've selected three negatives to share, each with a different geometric idea.

The first is based on 90 degree angles created between this otherwise bland brick building and the shade from the opposite building falling across the windows. The result is a host of squares, rectangles, and interesting angles.

The second is based on curves - the curves found on the old stone columns inside one of the cathedrals in Belgium. The location isn't important - it's the wide sweeping curvature of the stone.

Finally, the complex shapes of the skyline causes me to see a lot of triangles in the Bruges buildings. The little lines from the crosses on the top of churches break up the skyline's many triangles.

I don't know about you, but I think that was more fun than anything I ever did in math class! Shot with the Leica MP 35mm camera and Adox Silvermax film.