Quick Shot: Down the Alley

One of my favorite parts of living in Europe for the past two years has been exploring the pedestrian areas of old cities and finding hidden alleyways that split off the main routes. It's quite common to find side streets paved in stones, with intricate architecture and geometry in Europe's streets, and it's unlike anything you'll find in the United States.

Last week my friend and I travelled through Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Germany, and we saw a LOT of beautiful and picturesque alleyways. Of course, I had to photograph them all! I saved only the best, and I'm excited to present the alleys as my first set of images from this travel.

I primarily used my Leica M Monochrom on this trip, opting to focus on making beautiful black and white images. Europe is beautiful in color, but I like it in black and white too! All of the images were made using the Leica M f/0.95 Noctilux lens as well.

Click on any image for a full size preview.

A tunnel on a stone street in Durnstein, Austria.

I absolutely love this street, mostly because of the perspective as it falls away from the viewer. Photographed in Germany

A residential side street in Austria

The side street of a monastery in Melk

Triple arches on this side alley street in Germany

Vanishing street in Regensburg, Germany

Bike parking on a side street in Germany