ST Road Trip: Antelope Canyon Update

We had a great time in Arizona, and now we are off to Utah! But before we say goodbye to Arizona, I wanted to share one of my favorite photographs from inside the famous slot canyons on the Navajo Tribal area- this one is called Antelope Canyon. While there are more famous spots in the canyon from which to take a picture, the lighting here was perfect. The midday winter sun illuminated the top of the canyon, while the area closest to me was still in shadow relief. The canyon was virtually empty- our Navajo guide gave us loads of free time to photograph the canyon, and described this spot as "Monument Valley." For anyone familiar with the iconic Monument Valley, you will recognize that this most certainly is not that... but the rock sticking up does have a striking resemblance to one of the "mitten rocks" in Monument Valley. As it would happen, we drove through the real Monument Valley today.....! This photograph was taken with the @leica_camera SL (Type 601) with 24-90mm lens. The camera really excelled here, where darkness forces most photographers to need a tripod for sharp images. But the @leica_camera SL just laughed at the darkness and allowed me to handhold shockingly well. Stay tuned for more updates from the #st_roadtrip - including a more detailed post on the #Leica performance in the canyons.