ST Road Trip: Zion Update

Gosh.... where to begin?!? We have been in Zion National Park for the past two days, which has been awesome for two reasons: 1) it's nice to be looking up at rocks rather than down in canyons for a change and 2) it's significantly warmer here, so it's more enjoyable to get out and hike. Today we hiked over 8 miles and I took a ton of awesome photos, so choosing which to share first has been challenging. This photograph was taken at sunset on the Pa'rus Trail - a small wisp of clouds on the horizon provided the contrast and texture for some nice colors. While the sunset became more pink later, I prefer this image as there is soft light hitting the side of the rock cliffs and illuminating the valley. As always, this was taken with the @leica_camera SL Type 601 and 24-90mm lens. The incredible part is that I didn't use any filters or accessories to get this shot.... this is almost exactly as it came out of the camera! Personally, I think it looks more like a painting than a photograph.