ST Road Trip: Zion (The Narrows) Update

We had an incredible day hiking the Narrows in Zion NP today- it's one of the most iconic and unique hike in the USA because it requires hikers to wade in water that is often thigh deep. I took a ton of awesome photos today, but am sharing this one first because it's a view of Zion only possible during the winter. The ice formations seen on the right come from "weeping rock"- the water is dated as being over 1,000yrs old before seeping out of the rock face. That's incredible. The reflection in the blue/ green water of the Virgin River and tunnel walls of the canyon round out the image. This was taken with my @leica_camera SL and 24-90mm lens, which was equipped with a polarizing filter to cut glare. The camera equipment was all carried in a dry bag to protect it as we hiked up the river.