"It's Not Legally Against the Law"

Jay Maziel, one of New York's most famous photographers, once told me "It's not legally against the law to shoot at high noon."

If you are a photographer, you'll know what that means instantly. But for those who might not get what Jay's saying, let me elaborate...... Photographers regard the hours around sunrise and sunset as sacred time. The low sun is not as harsh - it can have a warmer, softer, and more aesthetically pleasing glow. As a result, many photographers won't bother shooting around high noon, when the bright sun can be harsh and less appealing.

Jay Maziel is suggesting that it's okay to shoot at high noon - there isn't a law against it, and that you can still get some great images.

I agree! The below landscape photographs were all taken in the 11am - 1pm hour, but with proper technique, the results are still quite pleasing. Don't let someone tell you that you can't and shouldn't shoot at noon..... it's their loss!

Images all shot with the Leica SL.