Quick Shot: Petra's Secret

I remember the moment that I found out that this grand site, and home to the Holy Grail in the Indiana Jones movies, was actually a real place. When I discovered this place, named Petra, was located deep in the desert of Jordan, I assumed I would never have a chance to see it.

Alas, my chance came.... I had an opportunity to overnight in the south of Jordan and see Petra. It was even more grand in person, and I still have to pinch myself over the fact that I actually saw it. When I got to the treasury, which is the most famous building, I decided to shoot it with the waved rock cliffs to frame the shot. In my mind, it's this view that makes Petra so magical - the site of this grand structure built into a cliff that is only accessible by walking through a towering tunnel of orange sandstone.

This may be one of my favorite images, both for sentimental value, but also because it truly embodies the sights of Petra. Be sure to Like and comment to let me know what you think!

Shot with Leica Camera SL.