Quick Shot: Gold of the Sea

Norway's climate can act a bit bipolar - ranging from extreme heat to bitter cold by the seasons (and elevation), which makes a lot of traditional agriculture very difficult. In the coastal fjords, farmers can plant fruits like apples along the more fertile land near the water, but the good farm land is limited.

With such limited farming on land, one of the main economic supports in Norway instead comes from the sea in the form of Norwegian salmon. The pink fish is abundant in Norway's costal waters, making it the golden cash 'crop' for most Norwegians. 

Norway's dependance on fishing as a source of income was very apparent during my travels - evidence of the fishing culture were as abundant as the fish themselves. Because Norway's salmon industry is so well known, it became an icon I wanted to focus on shooting during my travel through the coastal towns.

Today I'm sharing a selection of scenes I photographed to capture the fishing scene in Norway. The images in this collection were photographed with either the Leica SL or Leica Q, depending on the image.

Moonrise over Alesund, Norway - this was taken around midnight, showing the effect of the "midnight sun" in the far north. The buildings in the foreground are fishing warehouses.

Some rusted chain lays abandoned in a dockyard along the canals of Alesund, Norway

"BO" - part of the bow of a large commercial fishing vessel docked in Alesund.

Some fishermen stop for a break in the markets of Bergen, Norway.

Fishing cages stacked behind a home in Alesund

King crab legs for sale at a fish market in Bergen. Despite mass availability of king crab and salmon, the prices weren't very good - a kilo of crab cost around $90 US Dollars.