Quick Shot: Lighthouse in the Sea

Sometimes I do some rather dumb things to get a good photograph.....

Take this lighthouse. It's at the bottom of a towering cliff at a place called Beachy Head (I didn't make that up) and it stuck in the middle of the water. The only way to see it is to walk to the edge of the cliff (without any safety fence) and lean over carefully. Leaning over is further complicated by the fact that it's also gusting 30MPH winds. Did I mention there is no safety fence?

I knew from looking at my iPhone that we were close to the lighthouse, and it wasn't until I leaned over the precarious cliff that I could see it. My toes were inches from the edge, and any give in the cliffs (which have serious erosion issues) and I'm on my way to France. Anyone who walked along the path a few feet away had no idea there was a lighthouse directly below them - the cliff was that extreme.

Anyway, I got two images - one from directly above looking down (a vantage point not usually seen with a lighthouse!) and one from the side with the cliffs in view to offer perspective. Which do you like better?

Taken with the Leica SL and Leica 24-90mm lens.

Looking down at the lighthouse from the top of the cliff. You don't get a sense of how steep it is from where I am standing to the lighthouse from this view.....

.... but this should help. Yeah, that lighthouse has been dwarfed by those cliffs!