Explorations of Llanddwyn Island

I discovered Llanddwyn Island last November during our first trip to northern Wales; it instantly became easily my favorite photo spot in the United Kingdom. And while I got some photographs last year, I wasn't totally in love with the results, so I was eager to try to shoot it again. 

So at the beginning of July, we packed up and did the long drive back out to northern Wales and to see the island. The island didn't disappoint, and the constantly changing weather kept me busy! As you'll see in these photographs, we went from sunny blue skies to clouds of impending doom, all over the course of a few hours. And just to be clear, this is a small island - no roads or cars - and it can only be accessed during low tide. But turning 360* in place could give me a huge diversity in landscapes, and therefore moods I could convey in the images. 

In actuality, all this weather diversity made it hard to shoot! Did I want a moody image, or a cheery image? Better face the right direction, or wait 10 mins for the weather to change! 

All of these photographs were taken with the Leica SL and Leica 24-90mm Vario Elmarit lens.

The lighthouse on the edge of Llanddwyn Island, northern Wales

Remains from an old church on Llanddwyn Island

Dark storm clouds approach over Llanddwyn Island

A narrow path in the grass leading to the edge of the cliff on Llanddwyn Island

Small boat houses line parts of the coast as storm clouds bear down on the island

The beachside forrest that surrounds Llanddwyn Island

Is it Film or Digital?

One of the most iconic places to photograph in Wales is the Llanddwyn Island lighthouse - and it's not a surprise as to why! I photographed this lighthouse with my digital Leica M-240P and my analog (film) Hasselblad camera using both black and white and color film. In other words, I have at least three versions of the lighthouse from the same vantage point. 

So my challenge to you is - which of these photographs was taken with a digital camera and which was taken on film? Leave a comment and let me know - and let me know which is your favorite version. Variations is composition are because I hand held and didn't use a tripod - they have nothing to do with the camera used. And I used several types of film..... so there could be tricks ;-)

Quick Shot: Trees

Nothing too fancy, just a beautiful image of some pine trees lined up along the beach on Llanddwyn Island in Wales. I really liked the fence in the foreground and the fact that you could see parts of the beach through the trees. I actually took a few images with my digital Leica and my film camera before I settled on this being my favorite.

This is a film photograph taken with a Hasselblad 503CX on Ilford Delta 100 Pro film.