Washington's Moonrise

Sometimes it all comes together. Today was one of those days.

I had planned a very different photoshoot. But when side effects from the recent Nor'easter hampered my plans, I scrapped them. As luck would have it, tonight was a perfectly clear night, the moon was at 90%, and it was going to rise at 9pm over the National Mall in Washington, DC.

So I bundled up and headed out with the Nikon D850 in tow. Using my favorite app for photo planning - the Photographers Ephemeris - I planned my image of the Washington Monument to line up with the moon as it would ascend.

Some Photoshop magic was required to make this photograph. The moon's full size means it's extremely bright -- too bright. To make both the monument and moon visible, I captured them in separate exposures and combined them into the final product seen here.

Sometimes it all comes together.

Moonrise over the Washington Monument, March 2018

Moonrise over the Washington Monument, March 2018

Quick Shot: Remembering our Vets

I had a chance to photograph the National World War I Memorial in Kansas City earlier this summer. While the memorial itself was powerful (particularly the museum built into the base of the monument), it was the ground in front of the memorial that moved me most. Following the sidewalk up to the memorial were several courtyards containing marble plaques honoring those who served in World War I. Seeing the names of these brave men put a human touch on a war that seems so distant now. I took (and have posted) many photos from this courtyard; unlike my previous images, this focuses on a handful of servicemen whose names are forever remembered.

Scenic Traverse Photography would like to thank all of our veterans for their service and dedication to keep America safe. Thanks vets!


_DSC4693 copy.jpg

Quick Shot: WWI Memorial

Last weekend I had a chance to explore the World War I Memorial in Kansas City. The memorial was built in the 1920s to commemorate those Americans who served and features a large monument and a wonderful museum.  

The weather for this trip was perfect - although a little hot, there was a nice breeze and some light clouds in the sky. I knew the weather would be perfect for Black and White photography and used my polarizer filter to ensure I gave the sky as much contrast as possible.

I'll be posting a variety of Quick Shots from the World War I Memorial in the news few days. Today's shot is an overview of the memorial from the top (directly over the museum), but stay tuned to see a bunch of other cool shots soon! 

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Video: Washington DC at Night

What happens after the tourists go to sleep? 

Join Kristen as she explores Washington, DC during the late evening hours (including dusk) to explore the monuments after the tourists go to bed. If you've ever been to DC and toured some of these places, then you know how long Kristen was out in order to capture photos of the Lincoln Memorial completely empty (It helps if you go in the dead of winter!).