Getting Muddy - Off-Roading at AOAA

Ever since we purchased our 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon “Lola”, we’ve been itching to take her offroad and into the wild…. but we wanted to also do so safely and confidently. Enter Kyle from Offroad Consulting, who led us through the trails of Anthracite Offroad Adventure Area (AOAA) while teaching us about proper 4x4 technique. We learned how to handle off camber situations, airing our tires down, using traction control, disconnecting the sway bar, and navigating challenging obstacles like steep climbs, descents, and rocky terrain.

We escaped the day with a few bumps, a lot of mud, and a bunch of video!

Seeing Red - Switching to Leica

Scenic Traverse Photography is now "Seeing Red"! Watch the video to learn more.

Join Scenic Traverse Photography in a quest to "See Red" with the Leica M-240P and Leica M-P 35mm.

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Video: Fly with Team Global Stars

I have been busy working with the Cambridgeshire based aerial performance team, the Global Stars, to produce a series of videos highlighting their stunt performances and am excited to finally release the second video. This short movie, titled "Fly with Team Global Stars" gives you an up close and personal view into what it is like to fly as a member of the team. Strap in and get ready to fly! 

Review: MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Professional Final Review

Last December, I purchased the MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Professional backpack and posted my initial impressions of the bag to my blog (read that article here).

I promised in that review that I'd come back later with some follow-on analysis about the bag after I had a chance to put it through the paces. After all, with a bag this expensive, you want to know how it held up to real world shooting, not just a studio session!

I must say the MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Professional met and exceeded my expectations in every way possible. It has held up beautifully to hundreds of miles hiking and traveling and I have always been able to get my equipment loaded comfortably and easily - no matter what I'm packing! The rotation feature works just as well as advertised and will change the way you think about photography backpacks.

The video review below goes in detail about this bags performance over the past 10 months of use and gives my final impressions of this outstanding bag. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any photographer looking to change their hiking experience - I could have saved alot of money to buy this bag first!

Join Kristen from Scenic Traverse Photography as she provides a review of the MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Professional Backpack. This is one of the best bags for adventure and outdoor photographers on the market, and Kristen will walk you through her favorite features.

Video Blog: Why Every Photographer Should Shoot in RAW and Edit their Photos

I have had many of you email me in the past few weeks asking me to do a photo critique. I am always happy to do so but found that I kept giving the same advice over and over.... 

I am a firm believer that all photographers should shoot in RAW and edit ("Photoshop") their photos. Unfortunately, there is a stigma associated with editing, but I address that and why it is so important in this video blog. In fact, I believe editing is so important that I edit every single photograph before sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or my website. 

If you aren't shooting RAW or don't edit your photos, watch this video and see if it helps you understand why this is so important. Questions? Leave me a comment!

Video: The Residents of Assateague Island

Join Kristen from Scenic Traverse Photography as she takes you to the Maryland side of the Assateague Island National Seashore and introduces you to the wild ponies and birds that call the island home. 

Assateague Island is a coastal island spanning Maryland and Virginia. Although most famous for the wild ponies and horses, this island is also home to a wide variety of aquatic birds. 

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