Washington's Moonrise

Sometimes it all comes together. Today was one of those days.

I had planned a very different photoshoot. But when side effects from the recent Nor'easter hampered my plans, I scrapped them. As luck would have it, tonight was a perfectly clear night, the moon was at 90%, and it was going to rise at 9pm over the National Mall in Washington, DC.

So I bundled up and headed out with the Nikon D850 in tow. Using my favorite app for photo planning - the Photographers Ephemeris - I planned my image of the Washington Monument to line up with the moon as it would ascend.

Some Photoshop magic was required to make this photograph. The moon's full size means it's extremely bright -- too bright. To make both the monument and moon visible, I captured them in separate exposures and combined them into the final product seen here.

Sometimes it all comes together.

Moonrise over the Washington Monument, March 2018

Moonrise over the Washington Monument, March 2018

Quick Shot: Moonrise

I've posted alot of bird photos as Quick Shots recently, so today I'm taking a break from birds to share a photo I took on Assateauge Island a few weeks ago. 

Although my primary goal was to photograph birds and horses, I had a great opportunity to also photograph a moonrise on the first day. My only regret was that I didn't control the foreground more!

I like this photo because it requires you to do a double-take. At first it seems to be a fairly common scene, but on closer inspection, a viewer realizes there is a large bright moon on the horizon. 

I converted the image to black-and-white to help the moon jump out of the scene. The same image in color lost some of the impact and the viewer might not realize what they were looking at. 

Shot with the Nikon D800 and Nikon 24-70mm lens.