Quick Shot: A Little Abstract

My favorite landscape images are hardly considered landscape photographs - they are abstracts. They are small extractions from a larger scene. They convey a grand vista in a tight frame.

This landscape is exactly that - although the sky isn't visible in the image, the reflection of the sky in the water gives a much grander image. I took this image at Blea Tarn, one of the more isolated lakes in England's famous Lake District. 

Photograph with the Leica SL Type 601 and 24-90mm lens.

Quick Shot: Reflections

Walking along the fishing port of Alesund, Norway, there was no shortage of photographic opportunities. Wooden boats, fishing supplies, and dilapidated buildings are a photographers dream..... but in the middle of that dream I found this window into another world.

The mid-afternoon sun that far north creates some wonderful light and incredible colors, so I didn't have to work too hard for this photograph. Shot with the Leica Q.

Quick Shot: Random Nature

I love some of the randomness that nature can offer us as photographers..... that's why I am always ready with my camera on, settings set, and lens cap off ready to strike at an opportunity when it's presented.

I went to the Hunstanton Cliffs and was walking in the sea surf and saw the late afternoon sun casting interesting light on the ripples in the sand and standing pools of water. The result was an interesting set of textures and designs. I knew the scene would translate into an interesting black and white photograph, and took this image with my Leica SL.

Quick Shot: Reflection of War

I recently visited the National World War I Memorial in Kansas City. During this visit, I found myself drawn to a glass rooftop at the base of the memorial (it was the roof for the museum below the memorial). The shiny glass reflected the memorial beautifully, so I took two photographs to capture that reflection.

The first shot was taken during the day and highlights the reflection of the inscription at the base of the tower. The second photo was taken at dusk, when the lights on the tower illuminated the scene. I couldn't decide which I liked better, so I thought I'd post them both and let you pick! 

Which of these two shots do you like more? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

_DSC4733 copy.jpg
_DSC4764 copy.jpg

Quick Shot: Reflection

Sometimes it's not the subject that makes a photo interesting, it's the pose and gesture of that subject. 

For today's Quick Shot, I've taken a bird that we've all seen a zillion times and captured him in a unique gesture. This Willet, found in the marshes of Assateague Island, was foraging in the sand for dinner. I captured him right as he looked down into the marsh water, giving you the impression that he's looking in a mirror at himself. 

Gesture in our subjects is just as important as the lighting and exposure.  

And in this case, the gesture made this Quick Shot worth viewing! 

Shot with the Nikon D800 and Nikon 80-400mm lens. A -0.5 exposure compensation was used and the photo was edited in Adobe Photoshop CS6.  

_DSC3811 copy.jpg

Quick Shot: Yellow Lily

I took this shot of a yellow water lily last weekend and liked how the sunlight and calm water rendered an almost perfect reflection. I rotated the image in post production to give it a fun twist.

This was shot with the Nikon D800, Nikon 80-400mm and SB-700 speedlight to ensure even lighting and minimal shadows. Edited with Adobe Photoshop. 

_DSC1991 copy.jpg