Back in Time: 35mm Film

As a digital photographer, I feel it's important to understand the history of photography so that I can appreciate and manipulate my digital camera to achieve the same results as the masters of film once did. In that spirit, I recently purchased three boxes of Kodak's most popular films (ones still produced today) to run through an old Minolta X-700 film camera. Those films are from the Ektar, T-Max and Porta lines.

My destination is Kansas City. I'm planning to shoot a box of Kodak T-Max 100, which is a low grain black and white film. My decision of film was easy because I wanted to save the color for the fall leaves and I thought black and white would work nicely in an urban environment. I've only been through Kansas City once (to see the airport!), so I've got no idea what kind of opportunities I'll have for shooting, but I'm excited to have only 36 shots to capture my entire trip!

I will be shooting and processing the negatives and will then scan the negatives on my Epson professional film scanner. From there, I'll do any post production work on the scanned negatives and print a digital negative.