Quick Shot: Venice Canals

Gondolas and canals - what two things could be more quintessential to Venice, Italy? The first time I went to Venice was about 10 years ago and during the summer, so it was hot and packed with tourists. This recent trip was much more pleasant - the summer heat makes the canals a little stinky, but the cooler weather meant it was nice to explore Venice without ode de canal in the air. This photograph isn't scratch-and-sniff, so you'll just have to trust me on the smells!

I shared with you earlier my favorite gondola photo, so it's time to share one of my many canal photographs. Like so many of the pictures taken during this trip, I snagged this one while walking - it wasn't really a planned shot. I knew I wanted a canal photograph, but I was going to wait for the canal to speak to me.... there is only so much homework you can do with regards to planning the boats, building colors and sunlight! I got lucky with this one because all of those elements fell into place as I walked past - all I had to do was click.