Quick Shot: Blue Bike

Whenever I travel, I try to do as much research as possible to pre-plan my photographs. While this approach serves me fairly well, there is always that element of surprise when you just walk upon a photograph, like today's Quick Shot of the blue bike.

We were walking through the streets of Chinque Terre, Italy (which I'll cover in a future post!) looking for a place to get lunch. As we turned a corner, I stumbled upon this photograph, which virtually took itself. 

The bicycle was super bright blue and contrasted nicely with the wall in the background. By itself, those elements were enough to photograph, but the empty park bench really complimented the scene and told a fun and lighthearted story about Chinque Terre. I always carry my camera on (with lens cap off) and ready for opportunities like this, so I took the photograph in stride and we kept walking for lunch. Sometimes great photographs only require a few seconds to see, compose and shoot!