Quick Shot: Mustang Nose

Last weekend was the annual Little Gransden Airshow, which is held to raise money for children in need. I honored by being invited to join the airshow as one of the official photographers, which permitted me access to the flight line for the aerial displays.

During the course of almost 4 hours, I photographed approximately 50 aircraft that exhibited during the show..... my camera felt like it was just eating up memory cards to keep up with the action! Thankfully, I packed plenty of spares.

One of the benefits of flight line access during the show is that you get a head on view of the planes as they taxi back from landing, meaning I had many chances to get some intimate head-on portraits of some beautiful birds.

I have always had a soft spot for the P-51 Mustang, so I was thrilled to have a chance to shoot this Mustang from the flight line during the show. While I got many great aerial photos, my favorite turned out to be this one on the ground where the Mustang was coming at me nose first. 

Stay tuned to the blog for some behind-the-scenes information about how putting on one of these air shows works... and lots more photos of classic birds.

The P-51 Mustang named "Marinell" taxiing down the flight line after landing. I love this photo in black and white to show off the polished metal on the fuselage of the aircraft.