Quick Shot: The Perfect Laundry

I don't particularly enjoy doing laundry, but I love photographing the laundry of Europe. That may sound creepy and weird, and I'll totally embrace that - but I love the look of a clean line of laundry hanging outside in the wind. You could say I'm a connoisseur of laundry. I particularly love laundry hung across a street. I love laundry that contrasts with the side of the building. 

In Europe, where most people don't have a clothes dryer, it's easy to find lots of photo-friendly laundry. But to minimize my creeper stats, I try to only photograph the very best laundry. One of the best spots for laundry spotters is Venice, Italy, so I was questing for some fine laundry while there for several days.

On the third day of hunting laundry, I finally started to get some results. Granted, it had been raining the previous days, and I understand its not good to dry your laundry outside in those conditions. To get to the finest laundry, I have to exit the tourist areas and explore the parts of Venice where real people live. We embarked on a walk to the far side of Venice and I found lots of laundry, but none of it was perfect.

Then we turned down this street. As soon as I saw it, it was like I was a kid in the candy store. That is some FINE laundry! Part of the appeal came from the perfect size order of the laundry.... that takes some dedication! 

Shot with my Leica MP (Type 240) and a 75mm lens. With this shot, I can say I've finally found my perfect laundry!