Quick Shot: Bike Repair

There is an outdoor market that is run every day in downtown Cambridge, but it is particularly crowded on the weekend with street performers and folks selling their wares. Since it's always a great place to see people doing interesting places, it was high on my list of places to take the new Leica MP 35mm film camera for a spin.

In one of the middle aisles of the market is a shop that specializes in repairing bicycles. As I mentioned previously, bikes are a popular mode of transportation in Cambridge, so he is always busy working on bikes that need repair, adjustment, or a quick lubrication. 

As I walked past his stall, I saw him working on an older bike that was on a stand. He appeared to be working on greasing the chain or shifters and the back wheel was spinning on the stand. I pulled the camera up to eye level and adjusted the shutter speed to be slow enough to catch that slight blur from the back tire as it spun. I really like the end result! What do you think?