Quick Shot: The Dreaming Tree

I seek inspiration for photographs from all sorts of places - including from music. When I'm not taking pictures, you'll often find me playing around with one of my guitars, though I am certainly a better photographer than musician! 

Anyway, one of the songs that really resonates with me is by Dave Matthews Band, and is called "Dreaming Tree." Like many of Dave's songs, the lyrics tell a story, though there is some interpretation left to the audience to find their own meaning. For me, the song tells the story of growing up - coming to realize that the childhood dreams and ambitions we have need to be replaced with new realities (we can't all grow up to be astronauts!) 

I like the idea of a dreaming tree. A place where, as an adult, I can still go and drift away in fond memory of the dreams I once had. There is a somberness to the dreaming tree - it's not the reality tree - but its a place of pleasantry and warmth. When I came across this tree with my film camera, I thought of the song and the dreaming tree. Here was this beautiful tree - imperfect though it might be - that I could sit under and drift into my dreams.

Photograph with the Ebony 4x5 RSW45 large format film camera