ST Road Trip: Los Angeles Update

As you hopefully noticed from the other photos (on Instagram), we picked up our camper van and hit the road. The van, which comes from Escape Campervans USA is called "Avatar" - so named for the neon painted representation of the Planet Pandora from the movie. When we were at Walmart later stocking up on groceries, we came to realize that the neon mushrooms painted on the side also make us look like hippy stoners. lol. 

After a basic move-in to the van, we hit the road and went 150 miles down the road toward Joshua Tree NP (coincidentally that's where I am typing this update now). We stopped to stock up on groceries and then had a massive re-organization of the van. For a trip this long, it's critical that we get (and stay) tidy. 

Dinner was a stovetop Italian pesto and sausage ravioli- eaten under the stars and surrounded by lots of cacti. 

Didn't do much in terms of photography- I did a series of night shots but will download them later today. 

Speaking of today.... we are off to explore two parts of Joshua Tree - the Wall Street Mill and famous Cactus Garden. Should have awesome photo ops at both! Then we hit the road and have one of our longest drives of the trip to get to Sedona, AZ tonight. Grand Canyon up next!

PS- thanks to everyone who has sent emails letting me know you are following along! I love you too Australia