Quick Shot: Bergen's Buildings

Norway is home to some unique and fun architecture, and Bergen is the site of some of Norway's best wooden building construction. The buildings in the old town of Bergen are hundreds of years old, made from solid wood, and have been a bit susceptible to fires over the centuries. 

Also worth noting about Norwegian architecture is the paint. Most of the buildings are a dark red / maroon, because historically that was the cheapest color of paint to buy. White paint was the most expensive, and some farmers would paint their house white if they had a good season, but repaint the home red right before the tax evaluator came around!

Although those colors are popular in Norway, Bergen's old city buildings were painted an array of earth tones, and decades of aging have left the buildings leaning and less level than modern construction. The result was a photographer's playground!

This is my favorite of the images I took in the Bergen old city - partially because the grey overcast sky creates a nice relief against the angles and geometry of the buildings. And the rope and hook hanging on the left to help hoist equipment to higher stories is a wonderful touch.

Photograph was made with the Leica SL and 24-90mm lens.

Quick Shot: Venice Sunrise

After over three weeks of traveling through Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Turkey, I'm finally back home and busy editing all the pictures. It was an incredible trip, and I'm excited to start sharing the photos, beginning with one of the first images I took during the trip.

Our arrival in Venice, Italy was greeted with a lot of rain. San Marco Square was completely flooded and the rain continued for several days. While this made it less pleasant to walk around, the rain did keep people inside - meaning I had some of the busiest parts of Venice all to myself. 

We woke up very early one morning to head to San Marco Square so I could shoot sunrise. I knew I wanted the photo to just scream Venice, and there is nothing more quintessential to Venice than the gondolas. With the gondolas in the foreground, I lined up and started shooting a wide panorama. I intentionally shot at shutter speeds around 2 seconds so that I could get a little blur to the gondolas that were bobbing peacefully in the water.

The resulting sunrise photo is actually seven images stitched together to create one monster panorama. The final full resolution image is over 500MB in size..... a whopping 93 megapixels! I am really excited to print this photograph in full size, because there is such incredible detail. The image was taken with the Nikon D800 and 50mm lens.