Quick Shot: Lost in the Woods

Lake Buttermere is one of my favorite places in the Lake District - it's an hour drive from the central lakes and therefore a little quieter than many of the trails. With the silence and private feel of the lake, it's easy to feel like you have stepped into a magical place and become lost in the woods.

My hike around the lake was on one of the warmest and most beautiful days we've had in England this summer. The way the sun came through the tree canopy was incredible - it cast a soft light across a neon green bed of mosses and ferns. The result was too photogenic to pass up.... so I photographed virtually every tree in the forest! ;-)

After sitting down to edit the images, I felt these three best convey my feeling of being lost in a magical woodland, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Shot with the Leica SL & Leica 24-90mm lens.

Quick Shot: A Walk In Dreamland

I took the photograph at Thetford Forest Park in central England on a sunny day. The path is actually part of a network of mountain bike trailers in the park, and the light through the treetops was perfectly illuminating this patch of grass that I put into focus. The dreamy effect comes from the soft bokeh and focus of the 50mm Leica Noctilux f/0.95, which has a very distinct style. Images made with the Noctilux are known for this softness, which was the perfect tool to really give the viewer the feeling of a stroll through dreamland.