Quick Shot: Never Too Late To Turn Around

I hate nothing more than a blown opportunity at a photograph. To think about the photos that "should have been" makes me sad and frustrates every part of my creative spirit. So, as a general rule, I try to avoid "should have been" photos.  

I flirted dangerously with a "should have" photo while in the Lake District. I had done the research to find a great location to setup for sunset and I went out an hour before sunset to setup and prepare for whatever Mother Nature had in store for me. The sun was slated to set around 9pm- at 8:30 it was looking pretty bad. The sky was full of a thick layer of grey clouds - the sun was lost behind it and there was no color to be seen. Cold and downtrodden, I called it around 8:40 - there was no way this dull sky was going to amount to anything. 

As I drove back to the campsite, my friend and I got busy chatting about the otherwise good day. About 10 minutes into the drive, I looked in the rear view mirror and all I saw was neon pink...... The sky had turned a shade of pink I had never seen before - I was incredible - and here I am driving AWAY from it! At this point the sun is about to set, but I peeled a quick U-Turn and hauled ass back to the spot we'd been setup at earlier. Thankfully I arrived in time to get some great shots of the neon pink reflecting off the water - there is very little editing in the images below... It was that good! 

There's a lesson here..... Don't give up on your photograph. And if you do, it's okay to turn the car around!  

Shot with the Leica SL and Leica f/0.95 Noctilux Lens.

Yes, it really did look like that. Very minimal edits done to this image.....

Yes, it really did look like that. Very minimal edits done to this image.....

The last drops of pink in the sky. I love how it turned the water pink.

The last drops of pink in the sky. I love how it turned the water pink.

Quick Shot: Flowing Falls

The springtime rain in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park left many of the parks waterfalls flowing at above average rates. This waterfall was actually located off the side of the road. Because of the narrow shoulder, i didn't have space to use a tripod and had to pin the lens against the ledge of the barricade to get a stable shot. I took several exposures and this was the sharpest of the lot. I was using a 500mm lens to get a close enough shot and still cropped pretty tightly on the flowing falls. 

Shot with Nikon D800, Sigma 150-500mm. Edited with Photoshop CS6 and Nik SilverEfex Pro 2

_DSC1327 copy.jpeg

Quick Shot: River Run

Spent a weekend in the Great Smoky Mountains and was on a quest for a shot of flowing water over the rocks. I wanted something abstract and found a river where I could get close to what I had in mind. I knew I wanted to convert into black & white when I shot it, so I composed in one of the heavier flow areas to ensure I'd have plenty of great bright white texture. 

Shot with Nikon D800 + 24-70 f/2.8. Edited with Photoshop CS6 and Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. Hand held using the Joe McNally shoulder pin technique.

_DSC1290 copy.jpg