Quick Shot: Off the Docks

Norway's coast is famous for the beautiful fjords, and what better way to explore them than by boat? That was the inspiration for this photograph - I wanted the viewer to feel like they were sitting on the edge of the docks and getting ready to set sail into the beautiful blue waters of the fjords. I thought the story of how you'd sail off was best left to the viewer, so I didn't want a boat to appear in the scene. Of course, finding a boat dock without a boat is a little tricky, but I was lucky to find this old orange boat house without any docked boats.

Photographed with the Leica Q

Quick Shot: Greece Beach

I was trying to pick from a stack of photos for today's quick shot and figured this one would be perfect because it will be in great contrast to some of my next photography subjects..... a week from today I'm setting off for an expedition in the arctic circle to capture the aurora! With that said, what could be in greater contrast to snow and sub zero temperatures than a beach scene?!

I took this photograph in Mykonos, Greece. Little boats like this line the marina and beach, and their bright colors make them a natural subject to photograph. I decided to use an aperture that would give the boat mostly in focus, but lightly blur the background so that it wouldn't distract from the main subject, which was this beautiful and rustic vessel. With the bright colors and golden sand, it was a photograph that took itself - I just had to push click!